The Big Three

In an attempt to allow for more dynamic and natural roleplay, We have introduced the following rule set to take over what we consider as FailRP.

We will now define what is meant by The Big Three. 

Historically, FailRP is often used to cover many bases, and in this occurrence, it is not much different. Our entire rule structure is set around the ‘Big Three’ questions. 

  • “Is what I am about to do justifiable?”
  • “Is what I am about to do going to impact another’s story in a meaningful way?”
  • “Is what I am about to do reasonable, realistic, and probable?” 

Unless your answer is yes to all of these then you can consider the action you are about to commit to, to be considered FailRP. FailRP will result in a support ticket, however, it is our intention to teach rather than punish for this. Repeated offenses will result in punishments being applied where required, but we are aware that each person has a different perspective on this. We would hope that our community is both mature and understanding enough to listen and understand one another’s perspective, and it is for this reason. 

You may overturn rules within the ‘info-‘ sections provided that “The Big Three” are satisfied and it makes sense for that action to organically happen. However, if ‘[Unchallengeable]’ is written into that statement, then it cannot be changed even with all boxes ticked. 

Under no circumstances should players aim to artificially satisfy “The Big Three Rule” to overrule these sections, or to justify entering a shootout for the sake of a shootout.