Rules - An Introduction

Welcome, citizens of AtroCity! 

This category houses the rules for the AtroCity RP project. They have been collectively written over weeks of demanding work and are necessary to ensure all interaction within the server is fair and fun. It might look like a long read, but you must know these rules to play on the server. 

That said, if you cannot seem to understand a rule or need further clarification on how/when/where it applies, be sure to ask in the Discord Server and our staff will answer your concerns. 

Please note you will be eligible to join the FiveM server shortly. It is strongly suggested that you at least glance through the rules in the meantime! 

By playing on AtroCity, you submit to the fact that you have read these rules and are aware that there may be negative consequences if rules are not adhered to. 

And, if you are wondering, so long as you have the AtroCitizen role attached to your Discord account and you stay logged into it, you can join and play on the AtroCity RP project on FiveM.