Our Complete Set of Rules

Server Information

You can connect to our server using the following command in your F8 console

connect 5m.atrocity-roleplay.com

In addition, you must also be part of our Discord server.

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Here at AtroCity Roleplay, we take pride in fostering a realistic and immersive roleplaying experience. While we encourage enjoyment and camaraderie, it’s essential to maintain a level of realism during your time within the server. Remember, the primary focus is on roleplaying and replicating real-life scenarios as much as is possible within the virtual realm.

We want you to have fun, but always keep in mind that your fellow community members are here to engage in meaningful roleplay and create scenarios that mirror aspects of real life. So, as you embark on your adventures within AtroCity Roleplay, embrace the serious roleplaying ethos, where every interaction contributes to a collective narrative grounded in authenticity and immersion.

While you’re on our server, we kindly request that you adhere to the Terms of Service (TOS) for all associated areas that you or other players may be utilising in any capacity. Your cooperation ensures a positive and respectful environment for everyone within the community. For example:

  • The TOS For Grand Theft Auto V from Rockstar Games
  • The TOS For FiveM, the platform that you will use to access our server.
  • The TOS For all streaming platforms, such as youtube, twitch & kick.

AtroCity Roleplay is exclusively for individuals aged 16 and above. As a participant, please ensure that your roleplay aligns with the mature nature of our community. Keep in mind that definitions of “adult” vary across countries due to differing legal standards, so we request your continued consideration of this aspect.

Knowing the Difference

We know that sometimes things can be complicated and we want to ensure we outline examples to help our players know the difference between breaking a rule, the law, or an organisation’s SOPs.

Breaking server rules;

Violation of server rules occurs when you infringe upon any stipulations outlined in the official community rules documentation, disregard any practices explicitly stated in official community announcements, or engage in any activities expressly identified by the server as punishable offences.

The server administers consequences for these infractions through various server-based penalties, including but not limited to warnings, kicks, and bans.

For example: Whilst roleplaying within the server, a police officer has combat logged to avoid being kidnapped. The staff team will issue punishment based on their investigation, this has no bearing on their record within the police. 

Breaking the law;

Breaking the law occurs when you contravene any statutes outlined in the San Andreas Penal Code. All laws within the state’s penal code are enforceable by Law Enforcement through standard procedures. Infractions not explicitly mentioned in the penal code may still be subject to punishment, but they must undergo court proceedings with the Department of Justice. Upon resolution, such cases become part of state law as case law (a precedent set by court ruling). These violations are addressed specifically and isolated to the character(s) in question by Law Enforcement or the Department of Justice.

Breaches of the law are punished to the character specifically (not the player) in the means of a financial penalty and/or a prison sentence. Each offence carries its own punishment and Law Enforcement have set parameters in which they are allowed to negotiate said punishments.

For Example: Whilst roleplaying you commit a store robbery, you lead law enforcement on a chase but are ultimately caught. You are given a fine of $1000 and sent to prison for 10 months. (Please note that any reference to “months” means “minutes”)

Breaking an organisation’s SOP;

SOP: Standard Operating Procedure. Every formed organisation by the server whether it is a governmental agency, privately owned business or an organised crime group will have some form of SOP, however it may be named differently. (Businesses may refer to it as company policy for example)

Violating the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of an organisation takes place when actions deviate from the established guidelines. The extent, detail, and strictness of these practices vary based on the specific organisation. Addressing such violations is specific and isolated to the character(s) in question, with the organisation determining an appropriate course of action based on its policies and type.

For example: Whilst roleplaying a member of an MC (Motorcycle Club) you take off your cut for an event where the MC President wasn’t aware of and forbade you from removing your cut. You receive a beatdown and a “memory bullet” before being removed from the MC.

Roleplay over Gunplay

At AtroCityRP, we prioritise immersive storytelling over immediate violent encounters. Players are encouraged to initiate meaningful interactions and storylines in various scenarios. It is essential to engage in legitimate roleplay and establish a context before resorting to any form of violence. This involves building up the scene, using communication, and allowing the narrative to unfold organically.

Acceptable Example;

A hostage is taken for a store robbery. The hostage is pulled into the store and commanded to kneel on the mat. The hostage refuses to do so, and as such, the captor begins to escalate their position. Firing off a few shots near (but not hitting) the hostage to increase threat is acceptable, and at this stage, the hostage should comply with the reasonable response, else potentially breaking NVL (see below.)

Rulebreak Example;

An example of breaking this rule would be engaging in small talk with another player only to suddenly and without proper context, launch an attack. Initiating violence without a reasonable buildup and legitimate roleplay undermines the spirit of the server. Remember, the goal is to create dynamic and interesting storylines for yourself and others, rather than relying on abrupt and unexplained violent actions that disrupt the immersive roleplay experience.

(No) Random Deathmatches [RDM]

At AtroCityRP, we uphold a strict policy against Random Deathmatches (RDM). Players are prohibited from killing or injuring others without prior interaction. Every act of violence must be backed by a legitimate reason or motive, adding depth and meaning to the roleplay experience. This rule ensures that confrontations are meaningful, contributing to the overall narrative and immersion within the server.

Acceptable Example;

Continuing the above situation regarding the hostage – the hostage has now complied and is kneeling with their hands behind their head. Officers attend and listen to demands, and in this instance unfortunately, have not completed the demands adequately. The captors then decide to shoot the hostage in retaliation, causing them to be downed.

Rulebreak Example;

A violation of this rule would involve attacking or causing harm to another player without any prior engagement or valid in-character reason. Instances where violence is initiated without proper context or motive undermine the essence of roleplay on our server. It is crucial to establish a purpose behind your actions, fostering a rich and immersive storytelling environment for everyone involved.

(No) Vehicle Deathmatches [VDM]

At AtroCityRP, we strictly prohibit Vehicle Deathmatches (VDM). Players are not allowed to intentionally run over others with a vehicle without a valid in-character interaction or motive. Similar to RDM, there must be a reason behind any vehicular actions that may cause harm to other players. Vehicles should not be used as weapons; instead, they are intended for transportation and escaping dangerous scenarios.

Acceptable Example;

You are the ‘getaway driver’ for a crew after they robbed another crew. During the escape, a member of the attacked crew begins to open fire on the vehicle as you are driving towards him. You may in this instance use your vehicle as a weapon to deter the attack so you may get away. (You may not then continue to drive around the area using the shots as justification for using the vehicle in this manner.)

Rulebreak Example;

A violation of this rule would involve deliberately running over other players without any prior interaction or legitimate reason. Using your vehicle as a tool, weapon or shield for causing harm disrupts the roleplay experience and creates an unfair and unrealistic environment. Use of vehicles as platforms to stage PVP encounters is strictly prohibited. Players should focus on using vehicles responsibly, emphasising their role in facilitating transportation and aiding in escaping dangerous situations rather than as instruments of aggression.


At AtroCityRP, we maintain a commitment to fair and immersive roleplaying experiences by prohibiting powergaming and exploitation. Powergaming is defined as compelling players down a single path without providing reasonable alternatives within roleplay scenarios. Examples of powergaming include:

Rulebreak Example(s);

  1. Robbing players at a bank and forcing them to surrender all their money.
  2. Dropping unconscious players in locations not easily accessible to emergency medical services (e.g., ocean, lake, or river dumping).
  3. Carrying unconscious players for the duration of their respawn timer, forcing them to respawn.
  4. Standing over or around someone who is down to hinder medical services from performing their duties.
  5. Instructing somebody to do something they cannot mechanically do (i.e. throwing keys out of a vehicle window) and then using their inability to complete the command as reason to escalate the scene.
  6. Preventing individuals from leaving a specific area to continue or conclude a scenario, such as giving insulation or physically blocking the police garage to hinder officers from responding to crime.


Exploiting bugs or glitches in the game for financial gain or to gain an advantage in scenarios is strictly unacceptable. We closely monitor the economy and maintain a zero-tolerance policy for exploits. If you discover a bug, dupe, glitch, or exploit, we encourage you to be a responsible community member and promptly report it.

If you do not report what you suspect to be exploitation and have benefitted from it, you too will receive the punishment intended for the exploiter. Exploiting also extends to taking advantage of a system that while not ‘broken’ mechanically, is clearly not behaving as intended. Some examples would be utilising vehicles that are wrongly priced, crafting not taking required materials etc.


At AtroCityRP, we prioritise fair play and immersive storytelling by strictly prohibiting metagaming, which involves abusing out-of-character information from sources like Discord, streams, or third-party calls. Utilising information obtained through these channels for in-game advantages is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

It is permissible to enjoy other players’ streams within the server as long as the intention is to show support. However, if you find yourself in a situation where a streamer is approaching your in-game location, it is crucial to close or minimise the stream to avoid the temptation of metagaming. The integrity of roleplay is preserved when players refrain from using external information to influence in-game decisions, ensuring a level playing field for everyone involved.

Fear Roleplay & Valuing Life

At AtroCityRP, the core principle of Valuing Life is a non-negotiable expectation, constituting a vital element of our server ethos. Failure to uphold this standard, often known as “Not Valuing Life” (NVL) within the community, is considered a rule violation. This principle emphasises the importance of players making decisions with realistic consequences in mind, demonstrating respect for their characters’ lives, and actively contributing to a heightened level of immersion and authenticity in roleplaying.

Valuing Life;

Players are required to prioritise the value of their characters’ lives at all times. This expectation underscores the need for thoughtful decision-making in alignment with realistic consequences, ultimately fostering a more immersive and authentic roleplaying environment.

Risk Assessment;

Players should assess risks contextually, taking into account the situation they are involved in. The presence of superior numbers on the opposing party does not automatically trigger surrender. In scenarios like a 2v1 or 3v1, the solo participant may seize the opportunity to act and extricate themselves from the situation in a realistic manner. Hero roleplay is explicitly discouraged.

Consequences Consideration;

Before engaging in in-character actions, players are urged to contemplate the potential consequences of their roleplay. As an example, pulling a gun may not be the optimal choice if confronted by two individuals with guns pointed at your character’s head.

Gun Handling Distinction;

A distinction exists between holding a gun and actively pointing it at someone. If a player is merely holding a gun without aiming it at someone, and the other party takes hostile action, the responsibility for not keeping the threat active lies with the player.

In addition to this, brandishing a firearm to increase your level of authority or intimidation is acceptable within a scenario, but fishing for a reason to discharge it against a player is not. Any commands or statements issued must be fair and achievable for the target. Shouting “Hands up!” and firing 3 seconds later due to non-compliance would be unacceptable, but repeating your command, affirming your position of authority and issuing a reasonable countdown is acceptable.

Discharging a firearm should be the last thing on any player’s mind when interacting with one another. However, should you need to remind a mouthy hostage or a non-compliant target who is in charge, popping off a few shots for intimidation would be acceptable, provided it is done in good taste and does not harm any individual intentionally.

New Life Rule (NLR) – Roleplay After Incapacitation

The New Life Rule (NLR) remains relevant on a character level, outlining guidelines for players when their characters become incapacitated. This rule is activated when a bleed-out timer appears on the screen, transitioning into a respawn timer.


Upon respawning by pressing E and teleporting to the hospital, players must adhere to the following memory guidelines:

  • Forget everything that transpired 30 minutes before the incident.
  • Alternatively, forget everything since the start of the scene, if the scene has been ongoing for more than 30 minutes.

In essence:

  • Events leading up to your character’s death are not remembered.
  • The last 30 minutes prior to your death or since the start of the scene are forgotten.

Nancy Revive;

When an individual is downed and another player utilises the “Nancy Revive” feature at the hospital, the revived player may have a fuzzy memory of the incidents leading up to their death. Essential details such as the identity of the attacker, their features, the type of weapon or any vehicle associated with your scene must be forgotten.

RP Medical Care;

If a paramedic or police medic picks up an individual either on the scene or at the hospital, the player may choose to regain full memory of the events that transpired. However, it is essential to ensure that the roleplay (RP) maintains coherence and realism.

  • If taken to the hospital by a medical individual (or police) and still required to use the Nancy Revive feature, this can be treated as RP Medical Care.

Incapacitated / Bleeding Out Protocol;

At AtroCityRP, our Incapacitated/Bleeding Out protocol is designed to enhance the medical roleplay experience and ensure a realistic and immersive environment. Please adhere to the following rules when your character is downed:

Unconscious State;

When downed, you are considered unconscious. Communication should be restricted to /me commands rather than voice responses. This facilitates comprehensive medical roleplay and utilises our detailed medical system, which informs you and EMS about the sustained injuries.

In circumstances where you are still unconscious but your RP state has progressed you may progress back into talking with medicals while still on the unconscious screen. In minor medical emergencies such as forgetting to eat or drink you may treat the falling down as a “blackout”.

NLR Common Sense Element;

While the New Life Rule allows for memory recall, it is essential to employ common sense. Recall should align with the severity and nature of the injuries. For instance, extensive injuries such as multiple gunshot wounds or surgery may result in delayed or fragmented memory recall.

Remaining in the Server;

Players in a downed state must remain in the server and await revival by any means before leaving. Leaving during an incapacitated state disrupts the roleplay experience.

Respawn Wait Instructions;

If an active Fire Department/Emergency Medical Services (FD/EMS) employee is available, do not respawn unless instructed to do so or if they communicate their inability to reach you. Active Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) may attend to person-down calls in the absence of EMS, but you do not have to wait if LEOs are active—only FD/EMS.

No Leaving Mid-Scene;

Players are not allowed to leave the server in the middle of an active scene, even if the timer expires. For instance, in prolonged police incidents, respawning simply because the timer is up is not permitted.

Scene Involvement Post-Revival;

Once picked up by any means (EMS, LEO, etc.), refrain from returning to the same scene or involving yourself in the same situation in any way, shape, or form. This ensures a realistic progression of events and maintains the integrity of ongoing roleplay scenarios.

Revive Protocol

At AtroCityRP, our revive protocol ensures fairness and realism in player interactions. Please adhere to the following guidelines when it comes to revives:

Player-to-Player Conflict;

If you are downed in a player-to-player conflict, you cannot be taken to get medical help and brought back into the scenario to continue shooting or participating in the conflict. This rule is in place to maintain the integrity of ongoing conflicts and prevent unfair advantages.

NPC Doctor Revives;

In the aftermath of a conflict with other players, you may be revived by an NPC doctor for minor patch-ups or interaction. However, if you are revived in this manner, the party that revived you cannot kill you again. Instead, they must allow you to walk away from the scenario. During this time, you should fear for your life and are considered incapacitated.

Fear for Your Life;

When revived by an NPC doctor, players must exhibit a realistic response and fear for their lives. This means refraining from pulling out a weapon and attempting to resume shooting or participating in the conflict. Understand that you are in a vulnerable state and act accordingly to maintain the immersive roleplay experience.

Fail RP – Breaking Character/Roleplay

At AtroCityRP, we uphold a commitment to immersive and realistic roleplaying experiences. Fail RP, characterised by breaking character or engaging in unrealistic actions while in-character, is strictly prohibited. Please adhere to the following guidelines to maintain the integrity of roleplay:

Unrealistic Involvement;

Engaging in activities that are unrealistic or running towards gunshots or situations where you would have no logical reason to be involved constitutes Fail RP. Players are expected to make decisions and engage in scenarios that align with their character’s background and the immersive environment of the server.

  • You may not randomly inject yourself in scenes you are not initially part of.
    • LEO Interactions. (see below under Baiting)
    • Robberies/Heists where you were not present at start of the initial scene.
    • Gangs Warring. (Police may get involved provided they are not in breach of NVL)

Famous Character Names;

Providing famous character names for arrest records is considered Fail RP. Characters within the server should have unique and original identities, avoiding the use of well-known names from popular culture.

Unrealistic Escapes;

Jumping a car off a bridge or other high objects into water to evade the police is considered an unrealistic and easy escape method, falling under Fail RP. Players are expected to engage in realistic and immersive methods of evading law enforcement.

Weapon Display;

Large weapons must be visibly displayed on your character’s back at all times. If you decide to stow them away in your inventory space, a duffle bag of the appropriate size must be used to “store” them. This rule ensures that the presence of large weapons is realistically portrayed and visible to other players.

Baiting – Attention for Illegitimate Reasons

At AtroCityRP, we emphasise legitimate and realistic interactions to maintain a genuine roleplaying environment. Baiting, defined as seeking attention from the police for illegitimate reasons, is strictly prohibited. Players are expected to engage in activities that align with realism and contribute to an immersive roleplaying experience. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Attention-Seeking Behaviour;

Avoid engaging in activities solely to attract attention from the police that do not make sense or wouldn’t occur in real life. The focus should be on authentic roleplay that enhances the overall narrative of the server.

Fake Crimes for Abduction/Robbery;

Luring police away with fake crimes to facilitate kidnapping or robbery is not allowed. Such actions undermine the integrity of roleplay scenarios and disrupt the immersive experience for all parties involved.

Injuring/Downing Friends for Baiting;

Injuring or downing a friend with the intention of baiting doctors to facilitate kidnapping or robbery is strictly prohibited. Actions that compromise the well-being of characters for illegitimate reasons are not in line with the server’s commitment to fair and realistic roleplaying.

Calling Jobs via Services App without legitimate purpose;

When calling any business or  WL-Job, we need to ensure that calls are legitimate. Wasting whitelisted job time without legitimate reason has an impact on them being able to provide the services to other players to allow the server to run properly. Prank calling and time wasting would fall under this. This also extends to command-based calls such as /911 and /911a.

Voice Identification;

At AtroCityRP, players have the ability to identify each other by voice at any time. It is essential for players to recognize that voice identification is a valid and immersive aspect of roleplaying on our server. The responsibility falls on the player to take appropriate measures to disguise their voice if they wish to remain unrecognised.

Full Face Mask Requirement;

To avoid being identified via voice, players must wear a full-face mask that covers facial features and hairstyles completely. This measure ensures a reasonable level of anonymity and adds realism to the roleplaying environment.

Players should be mindful that simply adding a mask to the same outfit may not provide sufficient disguise. If caught while wearing a particular outfit, organised crime groups and law enforcement may over time be able to recognize and identify the individual. To enhance disguise effectiveness, consider varying outfits along with the use of a full-face mask.

Medical Roleplay Guidelines

At AtroCityRP, we prioritise realistic and immersive medical roleplay interactions. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a positive and engaging experience for all players:

Respect for Medical Personnel;

Medical personnel are not just walking revive kits; players are expected to make a genuine effort to engage in roleplay with them. Show respect for the role medical professionals play in the server and contribute to immersive interactions.

Truthful Identification;

During medical examinations where professionals attempt to identify based on previous medical records, scars, or injuries, players must not lie about the characteristics of their body or scars. Maintaining truthfulness in these situations adds realism and authenticity to the roleplay.

Honesty in Medical Roleplay;

Players are prohibited from lying in /do or /me commands during medical roleplay. Honesty is crucial in ensuring a realistic portrayal of injuries and medical conditions.

Realistic Injury Roleplay;

Roleplay your injuries realistically. This includes expressing the appropriate level of pain or discomfort based on the severity of the injuries. Authentic roleplaying enhances the overall experience for everyone involved.

Consent for Forced Injuries;

Players cannot force injuries on other players without their explicit consent. Always seek agreement from other players before initiating roleplay scenarios that involve causing harm or injuries.

Character Appearance Changes

At AtroCityRP, players have the flexibility to use the Creator tool to make adjustments to their character’s appearance. However, it is important to follow the specified guidelines to maintain a fair and immersive roleplaying environment. Please adhere to the following rules:

Alterations Allowed Outside Active Scenarios;

Players are permitted to change their hair and/or facial hair colour or style when not actively involved in a scenario. This allows for flexibility in personalising characters during non-critical moments.

Limit on Changes Within 24 Hours;

Players may not change their hair or facial hair colour/style more than once in a 24-hour period. This restriction ensures that frequent and drastic changes do not disrupt continuity or immersion within the roleplay setting.

Permanent Character Death (Perma)

At AtroCityRP, the decision to permanently kill off a character is a significant one and should be approached with careful consideration. Please adhere to the following guidelines to ensure a fair and consistent approach to permanent character death:

Voluntary Perma;

Permanent death can only be initiated voluntarily by the player controlling the character. No other party is allowed to force perma on a character.

Irreversible Decision;

Once the decision to perma is made, it is final and will not be reversed. Players are encouraged to think thoroughly before committing to permanent character death.

Confirmation through /me Commands;

The initiation of perma must be confirmed through the use of /me commands such as “perma,” “dead,” or “DOA” This ensures a clear and unequivocal indication of the character’s permanent demise.

Belongings and Wills;

If a player chooses perma, and no will has been made with a lawyer two weeks before the perma, belongings will be burnt in-game. There will be no out-of-character (OOC) handling of items after character death.

Diseases and Incurable Conditions;

Characters facing diseases or other incurable in-character conditions will be treated as perma if the player decides to have their character succumb to the ailment.

No Memory of Perma’d Character;

Players are strictly prohibited from remembering or knowing details about their perma’d character when playing a new character. This ensures a separation of in-character experiences and maintains the integrity of roleplaying.

Enforcement of Perma Clause;

If a player signs a perma clause with a group or gang, the enforcement of that agreement will be based on evidence or signed proof provided by the involved parties.

It is strongly advised that gangs do not enforce a perma clause however we acknowledge the fact that certain gangs, such as motorcycle clubs, have relevant traditions that mean that if an individual was to even attempt to leave the club then they would be killed. We strongly advise OOC conversations to highlight exactly what these contracts are .

Combat Logging – Quitting or Escaping from RP

At AtroCityRP, maintaining engagement and integrity during active roleplay scenarios is crucial. Please adhere to the following guidelines regarding combat logging to ensure a fair and immersive roleplaying environment:

No Quitting During Active Roleplay;

Quitting the game during active roleplay scenarios is strictly prohibited. Players are expected to remain present and engaged, contributing to the ongoing narrative.

Scenario Continuity;

Being “unconscious/downed” does not signify the end of the scenario. Players must respect others involved in the scenario, especially if they are in the backseat of a car, trunk, or in custody of a doctor, law enforcement officer, or other players. Logging out during active scenarios, including medical roleplay or aftermath of conflicts, is not allowed.

Logging During Medical RP;

Logging out during medical roleplay solely because a player does not want to endure it is not allowed. Players are expected to participate fully in medical roleplay scenarios, contributing to the overall immersion and storytelling.

Items/Money – Sharing Between Characters

At AtroCityRP, maintaining separation between characters is essential to ensure fair and immersive roleplaying experiences. Please adhere to the following guidelines regarding sharing items and money between characters:

No Swap/Share Between Characters;

Players are strictly prohibited from swapping or sharing items and money between their characters. Each character should have its unique progression and possessions to enhance realism and diversity within the roleplaying environment.

No Writing Wills Between Characters;

Creating wills between your characters is not allowed. Characters should not have predetermined arrangements or inheritances from other characters controlled by the same player.

Body Dumping – Diposing of Evidence

At AtroCityRP, the deposition of evidence, particularly bodies, is subject to specific guidelines to maintain fairness and immersion within the roleplaying environment. Please adhere to the following rules:

No Dumping Bodies in Water;

Players are prohibited from dumping bodies in water. While creativity is encouraged, disposing of bodies in water is not allowed to ensure a realistic approach to evidence deposition.

Creative Disposal Allowed;

Players are encouraged to be creative in their efforts to dispose of a body, as long as the chosen method makes sense in-character. However, dumping bodies in water is explicitly restricted.

No Double-Dropping Bodies;

Performing double drops, where a body is dropped, and then moved after the player uses the “Call Doctor” feature, preventing doctors from locating them, is not allowed. This rule ensures fair play and prevents exploitation of game mechanics.

Observing from a Distance;

Players are allowed to camp a body from a distance to observe the scenario and witness any attempts at revival. However, intervention or holding up anyone trying to revive the body is not permitted. This rule is in place to prove that the character was revived or rescued.

“Seeing the Light” Exploitation;

Taking advantage of the “seeing the light” game mechanic term, which refers to respawning or re-entering gameplay, to reduce the risk of getting caught is considered power gaming and is not allowed in roleplay settings.

Respawn after 30 Minutes Inactivity;

If a character is left dead without any interaction for 30 minutes, they must respawn. Prolonged inactivity cannot be used to claim that someone magically found the character after the specified time.

Crashes – Disconnects/Head Pops

At AtroCityRP, crashes, disconnects, or head pops during critical scenarios require responsible communication and accountability. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Alerting Other Parties or Staff;

If you experience a crash, disconnect, or head pop in the midst of a hostile, medical, or police scenario, you are required to make all efforts to alert the other involved parties or staff out of character (OOC). This ensures transparency and lets others know that the disconnection was unintentional.

Return within 5 minutes;

If you have crashed during an active scene, you will be given a 5 minute window by all parties involved to allow you to return to where you were previous to the crash and continue the scene. One such example would be crashing during a police chase. If you return within 5 minutes you will be given the opportunity to return to your vehicle and continue the chase. You should post within the Discord explaining you have crashed and a rough ETA of your return if you have one.

No Immunity upon Return;

If you are unable to return immediately after a crash, you are not exempt from the consequences of your actions upon your return. You should either turn yourself in or be prepared to be apprehended on sight. This rule promotes fairness and accountability, ensuring that players are not able to exploit disconnections to escape ongoing scenarios.

Torture & Forbidden RP

AtroCityRP acknowledges that some stories crafted within our environment can be a sensitive and potentially intense. To ensure a respectful and consensual environment, the following guidelines must be followed:

Consent Requirement;

Torture RP is only allowed if both parties involved provide explicit consent beforehand through direct messages (DM). Consent ensures that all players are comfortable and aware of the content before engaging in the scenario.

/me for Permanent Damage Acknowledgment;

Prior to initiating torture RP, a /me command must be used to indicate the willingness to cause permanent damage to the character’s body. For example, using /me “Holds knife to eye” signifies a clear intention to inflict severe harm.

Scars as Permanent, Except for Removed Limbs/Body Parts;

Even if a player consents to torture RP for a specific scenario or scene, it is entirely their choice if they wish to roleplay the scars as permanent. An exception is made for scenarios where limbs or body parts are removed, where the permanence of the injury is acknowledged.

Reciprocal Willingness for Torture;

Players should not engage in torture RP if they are not willing to reciprocate and be subjected to torture themselves. This ensures fairness and mutual consent in such intense roleplaying scenarios.

Bringing real-world issues into the City;

You may not bring topical or any real-world issues into our city. These include things like Covid-19, real-world politics or telling stories similar to your real-world circumstance. As much as we wish to be supportive to our community members, we are not therapists. For example, if you IRL have been going through a breakup and you are RPing a character in a similar position, this can sometimes lead to harmful situations which can affect you on an OOC level. Please be considerate of this.


AtroCityRP recognizes the importance of fair and engaging hostage scenarios in the roleplaying environment. To ensure a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players, the following guidelines must be observed:

15-Minute Limit for Job Initiation;

After acquiring a hostage, players have a 15-minute window to initiate the job for which the hostage was taken. If the job is not started within this timeframe and the hostage requests freedom, they must be released.

Robbery of Hostages Allowed, No Killing;

While robbing hostages is permitted, killing them in the process is strictly prohibited. This rule ensures that hostage scenarios remain intense but do not escalate to lethal outcomes.

You may injure and in extreme circumstances kill hostages when involved in active Law Enforcement negotiations where the Law Enforcement are seen to be stalling or outright fail to meet your demands.

Uncuff/Unbag Before Leaving;

If a player is cuffed or bagged during a hostage situation, the captor is encouraged to uncuff or unbag them before leaving them alone. This allows the hostage to resume their character’s actions more naturally.

No Use of Friends or Participants as Hostages;

Participants in a robbery, including friends or allies, cannot be used as hostages. This rule prevents potential exploitation and ensures that hostage scenarios involve uninvolved players for a fair and unbiased experience. The Hostage should not recognise it is you based off “Full Mask Requirement” above.

You may not call out employees from their place of work under the guise of them fulfilling their role to be used as hostages. Similarly, you may not take an on-duty employee who is actively engaged with a customer.

Robbing Civilians

At AtroCityRP, the robbing of civilians is an integral part of immersive roleplaying, but it must be conducted with fairness and consideration for all players involved. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

No Robbing in Menus;

Robbing players while they are in any in-game menu, such as a variety store, gun store, clothing store, or any other type of menu, is strictly prohibited. This ensures that players have the opportunity to actively participate in the roleplay. This includes camping outside of places where a player is within a menu.

Seizure of Items after Death in Gunfights;

If a player is killed during a gunfight or hostile scenario, any weapons or drugs on their person can be seized by other players or law enforcement.

While it is permitted for an individual to rob items from a dead person within a gunfight this doesn’t allow for individuals to simply run around pocket wiping everyone after a scene is done. Members are reminded of Fear RP & Valuing Life Rules, and when a scene seems over you should leave rather quickly with the fear that other people may turn up. You may loot bodies for items you need such as medical supplies and additional firearm ammunition, but ‘robbing’ bodies for the sake of robbing items is prohibited.

Limit on Stolen Weapons;

Players are allowed to steal a maximum of a single weapon from another player’s inventory, whether visible or not. Weapons visible in vehicles or trunks are also allowed to be stolen. You may however freely grab any weapons dropped by players on their ‘death’.

No Pocket Wiping;

Pocket wiping, which involves taking every item from a player’s inventory, is not allowed. This rule ensures that players retain some possessions even during a robbery. You may not take everything bar a single item to avoid this rule. You must only take what your character needs and has a usage for.

No Forcing Removal of Bank/Storage Items;

Players cannot force another player to remove items or money from their bank or storage. This excludes vehicles which are already out of the garage.

Cooldown after Robbing;

After robbing a player, you must give them a chance to recoup by avoiding hostile roleplay (killing or robbing) with them for at least one hour.

No Chain Robbing Without Reason;

Chain robberies or randomly robbing people without legitimate roleplay reason between characters is not allowed. Explaining that ‘my character is a thug and mugs people’ is not a valid reason. Conflict must have a basis, and there is a cooldown period until the next storm for ongoing or repeated conflicts. You may not rob a person more than once an hour.

Gang Related Rules

Gang Roster Size Limits;

AtroCityRP has established limits on gang roster size to maintain balance and fairness in the criminal activities within the server. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Max Roster Size: 10

The entire gang roster, encompassing all members, must not exceed 10 people in total. This rule ensures that gangs are of a manageable size and contributes to a balanced criminal environment.

When attempting any of the events listed below, these limits are enforced.

Event:Low-Tier RobberyMid-Tier RobberyHigh-Tier RobberyGang War Battle
Max Crims4 Criminals6 Criminals8 Criminals6 Criminals
Max Cops6 Cops8 Cops10 Cops

Gang Wars;

AtroCityRP makes use of advanced scripts and resources to allow for Gang Wars to occur which results in meaningful and fun PVP scenarios, while still allowing for rich roleplay to occur outside of combat.

Pressing the ‘HOME’ key (or whatever you bind it to) will open the Gang Menu. Through the use of this menu, you are able to assault areas on the map, gaining access to different abilities and more importantly, a turf-war system. During declaration of war on a zone, a red zone-square will appear on your map. It is expected that any player within this zone is now flagged for PVP and can be assaulted without initiation.

If you are partaking in an assault or defence situation, every single person must be in gang colours/outfits and must be recognised as the same crew.

After the event has taken place, all sides involved must leave the area to allow heat to die down, and potentially allow for Police and Medics to move into the scene.

Note: If you happen to be a civilian in one of these zones, you may not even be aware of it. However, you should value your life and seek to vacate the area immediately should you hear gunshots occurring nearby.